Blockchain Company AltLayer Appoints Amrit Kumar as COO

The recently AltLayer has appointed Amrit Kumar as its Chief Operating Officer. An AltLayer is an Ethereum-based layer 2 scalability blockchain.

The Singapore-based company stated in a statement that Kumar, 34 years old, will be in charge of carrying out the company’s worldwide operations strategy and advancing its goal of developing unique roll-ups-as-a-service for Web3 applications and innovators.

Kumar co-founded Zilliqa Research, where he served as president and chief science officer, before founding AltLayer.

About 25 individuals work for AltLayer, which creates pay-as-you-go blockchains for Web3 applications and decentralized applications (dapps). A dapp is a digital application that leverages blockchain technology to protect users’ data from the companies that created it. The next version of the internet, known as Web3, encourages decentralized protocols and seeks to lessen reliance on major tech firms.

Blockchain Company AltLayer Appoints Amrit Kumar as COO

A group of off-chain systems or unique blockchains constructed on top of layer 1s are referred to as layer 2. The foundational layer, or underpinning structure, of a blockchain is a layer 1 network.

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