SEC pushes back against Coinbase’s call for urgent cryptocurrency regulations

securities and exchange commission

The United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has responded to Coinbase’s petition for clear cryptocurrency regulations, stating that rulemaking could take years and enforcement actions will continue in the meantime. In a court filing on May 15, the SEC argued that it is not obligated to meet Coinbase’s requirements for regulatory clarity within a short … Read more

OKX implements cutting-edge AI technology to track and predict market fluctuations 2023


OKX, a cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 technology company, has announced the launch of a new AI integration from EndoTech, which aims to capture crypto market volatility. The integration uses AI algorithms that incorporate both machine learning and other advanced techniques to conduct real-time analyses of data and trading opportunities. The purpose of this integration is … Read more

Monero: The New Cryptocurrency of the Future? 2023

If you are crypto enthusiast, you can’t miss this cryptocurrency, Monero. There are many things to know about it. If you have jumped into it, you must wish to know about this cryptocurrency. Keep reading the blog, you will find valuable!! Monero: Mining It Up! Monero is a decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency that was launched in … Read more

XRP Ripple Life in Pictures: From savior of the Financial System to Hottest Technology investment

XRP RIPPLE Ripple is a digital asset and cryptocurrency that is native to the Ripple payment protocol. It is often referred to as Ripple or XRP RIPPLE, and it was created in 2012 by Ripple Labs, a financial technology company based in San Francisco. The main purpose of XRP is to facilitate cross-border payments and … Read more

DeFi Prediction 2023 | What You Gonna See in Cryptocurrency realm

DeFi Prediction

DeFi Prediction 2023: Without a question, 2022 was a fairly down year for the DeFi and crypto industries in general. The trust in the sector has been severely damaged by scams, hacking, rug pulls, and other illegal acts. Compared to the preceding two years, market sentiment for cryptocurrencies has been notably negative. Additionally, this has … Read more

What Specs are Needed for Crypto Mining?

What Specs are Needed for Crypto Mining?: If you are new to the crypto world and hear about cryptocurrency mining, it may sound you an easy and profitable source. But, it requires you to set up a kind of system which would help you in the process. From the easy to complex method, you can … Read more

Squid Game Cryptocurrency (SGT): Everything You need to Know

Squid Game Cryptocurrency

We have brought up another valuable content, that is, What is Squid Game Cryptocurrency. The team has tried to provide you insightful information which is easy to understand. While going through this article, you will come to know about Squid Game Cryptocurrency, Squid Game Token and other related information. If you are a cryptocurrency fan, … Read more

What is Dogecoin? Founder of Dogecoin | Dogecoin Price Prediction


What is Dogecoin: The first cryptocurrency bitcoin was launched in 2009. The currency based on the Blockchain is called Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a currency that cannot be seen or touched, but transactions can be done through it. The success of Bitcoin led to the creation of LiteCoin and Ethereum. Like all these currencies, Dogecoin is … Read more

What Crypto Exchanges have Ripple?

You can buy Ripple (XRP) with fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies if the exchange supports it. The following are some of the exchanges that allow Ripple XRP to be bought or traded: (I) Binance (II) Huobi Global (III) Bithumb (IV) Bitstamp (V) FTX (VI) Kraken (VII) Bitfinex (VIII) Poloniex (IX) eToro (X) Liquid (XI) … Read more