How to Buy Cryptocurrency | What are the Crypto Exchanges & Broker?

How to Buy Cryptocurrency? It cannot be easy to figure out how to acquire Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of the hundreds of other cryptocurrencies that currently exist if you’re new to the world of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, if you are new to this emerging world, you must be aware of the possible danger of loss. Yet, you still want to be involved in trading cryptocurrencies. Let’s get started with these guidelines.

Choose a broker or a crypto exchange

If you wish to purchase cryptocurrencies, you must first select either a broker or a cryptocurrency exchange, similar to how you would visit a bureau de change to convert pounds sterling for euros. Basically, both will let you acquire cryptocurrency, but each has its advantages and disadvantages:

What is Cryptocurrency Exchange?

On this online marketplace, buyers and sellers may swap cryptocurrencies while paying an exchange charge to make the transaction possible. The well-known cryptocurrency exchanges include eToro, Binance, and Coinbase.

The conventional trading interfaces offered by some cryptocurrency exchanges might be a little intimidating for novices if you don’t have experience purchasing equities and shares. Having said that, the same suppliers could also offer users more accessible, simple-to-use choices.

But convenience frequently has a price. If you select a beginner-friendly version, expect to be paid extra for buying crypto compared with utilizing an exchange’s conventional trading facility.

If you’re an inexperienced investor, it’s important to confirm that your chosen exchange or brokerage accepts transfers in and purchases of “fiat” currencies like dollars (a fiat currency is created by the government and is not backed by any tangible assets).

Because some exchanges only let users purchase bitcoin using another cryptocurrency, this is something to double-check. This implies that before you could begin trading cryptocurrency on your favourite exchange, you would need to assess different exchanges to purchase the tokens that it supports.

List of Top 10 Crypto Exchanges

S.NO.Crypto Exchange
1 Coinbase
2Bitcoin IRA

What is Cryptocurrency Broker?

Cryptocurrency brokers, an alternative to exchanges, simplify the process of purchasing cryptocurrencies by providing simple user interfaces that communicate with an exchange on your behalf.

While some brokers claim to be “free,” they really charge larger fees than exchanges and make their money in other ways, such as by selling information to major brokerages about the products you and other traders are buying and selling.

Although unquestionably practical, it’s crucial to comprehend how your interaction with your cryptocurrency broker will proceed. For instance, there can be limitations on removing your bitcoin holdings from a specific platform; before registering, review the terms and conditions of a broker to understand how transfers affect your crypto holdings.

Cryptocurrency investors prefer to store their coins for further protection in so-called “cryptocurrency wallets.” Essentially, software called a crypto wallet enables users to store and access their digital assets. For even more protection, some investors opt for offline hardware cryptocurrency wallets.

 List of Top 12 Cryptocurrency Brokers

S.NO.Cryptos Broker
2IFC Markets
4Caleb & Brown
7Interactive Brokers

Create and Verify Your Account

How to Buy Cryptocurrency

You may register for an account with a cryptocurrency broker or exchange once you’ve made your decision.

Depending on the platform you choose and the quantity of cryptocurrency you want to purchase, it could be essential to prove your identity using official documents like a passport or driver’s license. In order to demonstrate that your look matches your documentation, you can also be asked to upload a selfie to your account.

You won’t be able to purchase or trade cryptocurrencies until the verification procedure is finished. If you’re eager to purchase cryptocurrency, keep a day or two buffer in mind in case the verification procedure runs into any snags.

Deposit Cash: How to Buy Cryptocurrency

Once you have the required funds in your cryptocurrency exchange or brokerage account, you can start purchasing your cryptocurrency. It is necessarily important for individuals to connect with any payment gateway. Basically, by connecting it to your existing account or by making a purchase using a debit or credit card, you may add funds to your cryptocurrency account.

Not all service providers let you use your credit card to purchase cryptocurrency; for instance, Tesco Bank, Virgin Money, and TSB restrict transactions with cryptocurrency exchanges. You might be able to purchase cryptocurrency from certain providers using your credit card, but watch out for any additional costs they could impose.

Place a Cryptocurrency Order

You can make your first bitcoin order after the funds are in your brokerage or exchange account. Thousands of cryptocurrencies are available, including the most well-known varieties like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Here is information about some of the most valuable cryptocurrencies.

After choosing which cryptocurrency to purchase, add the ticker symbol to your account. You can enter how many coins you’d like to buy as well as the three- or four-letter acronym used to identify a certain cryptocurrency, such as BTC for Bitcoin and ETH for Ethereum.

Customers may often purchase fractional shares of specific cryptocurrencies on most exchanges and brokers. This is a good choice because a currency like Bitcoin is now trading around the £31,000 per coin level (March 2022). It has occasionally exceeded £50,000.

5Binance Coin
7eUSD Coin
8USD Coin
9Ripple (XRP)
15Shibu Inu
17Terra Classic
19Bitcoin SV

Storage: How to Buy Cryptocurrency

Having a secure storage location for your cryptocurrency is crucial, just as you would be tempted to put your cash in a safe. It’s critical to have a safe storage location for your account access credentials because if you lose them or forget where you put them, you risk losing your investment. These are your options when purchasing bitcoin through an exchange:

Leave your crypto on the exchange: When you purchase cryptocurrencies, it is often kept in an exchange-affiliated crypto wallet. You can be charged a fee to do this, depending on the exchange and the quantity of the transfer. However, if you wish to relocate it from the exchange to a different “hot” or “cold” wallet, you are free to do so.

Hot wallet: This is a crypto ware that is operated on internet-connected mobile and tablet devices and is stored online. Hot wallets are practical but also carry a larger risk of theft because they are always linked to the internet. Individuals are free to store their cryptos in any kind of hot wallet. 

Cold wallet: Cold wallets, on the other hand, do not have internet access, making them a more secure choice for storing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They come in the form of external devices like hard disks or USBs. More so, it’s important to keep in mind that you might never be able to get your cryptos back if you lose the key code to a cold wallet or if the device malfunctions.

Buying into Cryptocurrencies: Other Option

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are well-known investment vehicles that offer diversification to individual investors while allowing them to purchase a large number of assets (such as a portfolio of shares or cryptocurrencies) at once.

They made their debut worldwide last year, most notably in the United States of America, Canada, and Brazil. To purchase shares in publicly-traded firms, including US corporations, you’ll need an online investment account:

Nvidia: It is a manufacturer and seller of graphics processing units and also the brains of bitcoin mining equipment.

PayPal: The online payment system now enables users to purchase and sell a limited number of cryptocurrencies using their PayPal accounts.

Square: The small company payment services provider said last year that around 5% of the cash on its balance sheet was held in Bitcoin. People may also purchase, trade, and store cryptocurrencies using Square’s Cash App.

Concluding Words

Before investing in firms with a relationship to cryptocurrencies, like with any market-based investment, it’s crucial to determine your investment goals and assess your existing financial status. Because they are speculative investments, cryptocurrencies may be quite volatile, so you should proceed with caution.

FAQs on How to Buy Cryptocurrency

Q. How can a beginner invest in Crypto?

Ans- Here are the following steps to invest in Crypto:
(a) Novices must choose what cryptocurrency they wish to invest in
(b) Then select a reputable and secure cryptocurrency exchange
(c) You also need to have storage & digital wallet. So you find out a wallet that fulfils your needs
(d) Then Decide How much you want to invest
(e) Next, Manage your investments effectively

Q. How much money do you need to buy cryptocurrency?

Ans- Thousands of cryptocurrencies are available in the market with different price values. So, the need for money depends on the current price of the Crypto you are going to buy.

Q. Which cryptocurrency is best to buy for beginners?

Ans- The market of cryptocurrency is highly volatile, and it is challenging to predict accurately what will happen to Crypto in the next moment. However, there are some cryptos which can be considered for beginners. It includes Binance Coin, Celo, Cardano,  Cartesi, Chiliz and others.

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