Is Facebook Merging With Decentraland?

Is Facebook Merging With Decentraland?: Facebook is the leading social media around the world. In fact, after the rebranding of Facebook to Meta, the popularity of the same has sharply gone high. And bringing a new concept, that is, the metaverse, is making individuals crazy as it enables the users to experience augmented reality or virtual reality.

Decentraland, a self-proclaimed metaverse platform where users have access to buy and sell virtual properties, is also leading its grip in the metaverse ecosystem. Undoubtedly, the Decentraland will solidify its position more in the Meta realm in the coming years.

There are significant discrepancies between Facebook’s Meta vision for the metaverse and virtual environments like Decentraland and Sandbox. However, the possibility of Facebook merging with Decentraland is going high with the progression in the Metaverse ecosystem.

According to Nystrom, he anticipates Meta to create virtual walled gardens, or “moats,” around the metaverse so that the holding corporation and its family of networks, like Facebook, may profit from it. Contrarily, virtual worlds like Sandbox and Decentraland will enable creators and players to benefit independently.

Though something like “Facebook merging with decentraland” is still not circulating around the market, there is a certain degree of possibility of Facebook merging with decentral and. Let’s know some actions of Facebook that have been taken over the years which increase the probability of Facebook merging with Decentraland.”

Decentraland and Facebook are on the Same Boat

“The Decentraland and Facebook are on the same boat” mean both deals with the metaverse concept. While Facebook enables users to feel and experience augmented reality or virtual reality, Decentraland allows users to buy and sell virtual properties.

Is Facebook Merging With Decentraland

To expand the metaverse concept around the market, the owner of Facebook can possibly initiate merging with decentraland platform in the coming years. Apart from this metaverse decentraland platform, there are several other metaverse platforms with which Facebook can collaborate. But it would definitely take time to come this far.

Facebook unveils Messenger VR calls and fitness VR on the road to metaverse

Facebook is trying every bit of effort to bring this metaverse concept fully into the world. The unveiling of Horizon Home social VR, Messenger VR calls, and fitness VR is undoubtedly proving Facebook’s efforts.

Buying Every Competitor

Facebook has already bought popular social media competitors like Instagram, Whatsapp, and others and is on the road to the metaverse. So, it can’t be got away from the fact that Facebook will possibly buy and merge with Decentraland, which holds a leading position in the metaverse ecosystem.

More so, Facebook has even tried to buy Snapchat-like social media in the past. So, in order to expand the wings of the metaverse, there is a certain degree of possibility of facebook merging with the Decentraland platform in the next few years.  

FAQs on Is Facebook Merging with Decentraland

Q. Is Meta working with Decentraland?

Ans- Currently, we hardly find any trace of Dcentraland working with Facebook or not. However, both based on same concept could come together in future.

Q. Who is partnering with Decentraland?

Ans- Not long before, Licked has collaborated with decentraland, providing the playlists of music and will be played throughout the places and venues of Decentraland game.

Q. Is Decentraland a Facebook metaverse?

Ans- No! Decentraland is not a Facebook Metaverse. But, whole decentraland ecosystem is based on the metaverse concept. There is a subtle difference between Dcenetraland metaverse and Facebook Metaverse.

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