What is Snapchat Premium: Its Features, Cost and Benefits

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The in-app subscription Snapchat Premium or Snapchat+ costs $3.99 USD a month and gives users access to the app’s most exclusive, unreleased, and experimental features. In addition to having access to new app features before everyone else, Snapchat+ subscribers may also customize and enhance their user experience with these features. We will go over more premium Snapchat features and how to sign up later on in this article.

What is Snapchat Premium?

The word snapchat is the combination two terminologies “Snap” and Chat.” Talking about the same, the terminology itself clarifies that it is a kind of app that allow users to send message, video and picture for a short period of time before they get inaccessible. The Snapchat app’s transient or fleeting feature was initially intended to promote a more organic flow of engagement.

There are several features that has been included in the app. You can explore this interesting app by simply making account in it. Snapchat Inc. recently introduced a new feature in the app that allows regular users to purchase a subscription and become Snapchat premium users. The snapchat premium offers extra service to the users as compared to Snapchat. While using Snapchat premium, you will get access of new features before they actually roll out in the market.

Individuals from different countries can access the Snapchat premium. When you use this premium app, you will get access to personalized Snapchat symbols, distinctive badges, and pin talk with close pals.

Snapchat premium do also offer the tech savvy individuals to test out for free for certain limited period. You as a user may try out Snapchat Premium for free for seven days if you wish to use this function without paying.

What are Snapchat Premium Features?

The individuals when they use snapchat premium app, they can experience variety of functions. Although Snapchat Plus offers interesting and intriguing features and functions, the following are the most distinctive ones:

(1) Story history replay
(2) Friends’ 24-hour location history
(3) Observe BFF orbit

(4) Showcase a badge in your profile for access to Snapchat’s exclusive icons.
(5) Identify a pal as your best pal.
(6) New Bitmoji Backgrounds
(7) Snapchat Web

(8) Custom Story Expiration
(9) Camera Color Borders
(10) Exclusive Snapchat Icons

How much does Snapchat Premium cost?

According to a statement made by Snapchat, Inc., a Premium Snapchat subscription costs $3.99 per month. The customer receives a ton of wonderful and cool features for this money, which improves the app-using experience.

Talking about the same, getting a Snapchat+ subscription doesn’t offer an ad-free experience. Additionally, it doesn’t appear that there will ever be a tier without commercials. In the long term, ads will be Snapchat’s main source of income, according to Jacob Andreou, SVP of Product.

How to Pay for a Snapchat Premium Account?

The Snapchat offers several payment options to pay for the subscription. Below mentioned are some of the payment methods:

(a) Wire transfer
(b) Paypal
(c) Moneygram
(d) Visa, Mastercard debit/credit card

How to Access Premium Snapchat?

The process of accessing Snapchat is quite simple and straightforward. You just need to download the app and follow the instructions pop up on the screen. There is no any difference in accessing basic Snapchat account and the Premium account. However, Snapchat premium will cost you extra amount. Simply by paying monthly membership costs to Snapchat, which is $3.99USD, you can get access to several extra services.

How can I know someone has Snapchat Plus?

You can easily find out whether someone has bought Snapchat Premium or not by simply looking at their profile. Since Snapchat premium offers several extra features to the users, you will find the profile something different from basic snapchat users. For instance, if there is a badge next to the user’s name, it means that their method of usage is a premium Snap subscriber.

What can you do with Snapchat+?

The Snapchat+ offers several benefits and extra services to the users. The below mentioned are some of them which users avail of while using Snapchat plus:

(a) You as a user can track your friend’s location for the last 24 hours

(b) You can even pin your best friend as number #1

(c) The Snapchat premium users get access to upcoming features of Snapchat before they actually roll out in the market

(d) Lots more things can be done using snapchat+ see above for features of Snapchat.

Can you make money on the Snapchat Premium?

Yes! Individuals do make money by using Snapchat premium, but it requires to meet several parameters. Although there are numerous alternative ways to monetize Snapchat account, there is no direct method of doing so. Sincerity dictates that you must build a community before you may engage in a variety of lucrative activities on Snapchat, including:

(a) Start marketing your skills.
(b) Your goods can be sold.
(c) Make sponsored advertisements for the story.
(d) Any other platform where you have monetization turned on can receive your audience.

Questions Mostly Asked About Snapchat+

Q Can someone see if you have Snapchat premium?

Ans- Yes! Someone can easily determine your whether you have Snapchat Premium or not. The distinctive badge enables enable the users to recognise an snapchat premium user.

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