Squid Game Cryptocurrency (SGT): Everything You need to Know

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What is Squid Game Cryptocurrency

Squid Game Cryptocurrency based on blockchain and play-to-earn concept have catch a lot of attention. The Squid crypto attracted a lot of poople because it is based on the famous web series Squid Game. This web series has been recognized as one of the top web series of Netflix and this is the reason why Squid Cryptocurrency also became successful in a single week.

The Squid Game cryptocurrency was launched on 20 October 2021 on the Binance Smart Chain Exchange exchange. Talking about the same, it has its own token, called Squid Game Token or SGT.

The interested individuals can play the squid games and earn its token. If you are desiring to participate in the six Squid online game, you will have to purchase Squid tokens. Squid tokens that can be utilized for the game’s next level are awarded at each level you complete.

What is Squid Game?

Squid Game is a well-known web series which was published on 17 September 2021 on Netflix. This is a South Korean web series which was published in 90 countries all over the world. Its director is Hwang Dong Hyuk.

The story of this web series is based on the squid game played by children in Korea. It is called squid because it uses some geometric shapes such as square, circle, triangle, and several others.

The Squid game webseries presents some serious life lessons while also letting you be genuinely scared by some moments. In the web series “Squid Game,” a group of people gathered together to earn some money and get rid of the financial problem they were facing. 

They all require a lot of money. However, they have no idea what will happen to them in the game. They claim at the outset that it is a game for kids, but the activities that are promoted are actually quite dangerous and horrifying and many people even got death while playing.

Since they had entered the game with their full consent, so the participants will have to participate in every squid game in the web series. Each game’s winners will advance to the next level only if they successfully complete the task while playing the game. There has been a bountiful prize for the winner at last phase of the game.

The total amount will only be provided to an individual when they left behind all the participants and win the sixth stage of the Squid game protocol. This web series’ unique feature is that you can’t even predict what will happen in the finale.

Squid Crypto Token & Price | Is It a Scam or Real

Similar to Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, Squid Cryptocurrency (SGT) is a meme cryptocurrency that gained popularity as a result of the Netflix web series. As of now, its prices have undergone a dramatic volatility. According to sources, the Squid Game token’s value increased from 1.2 cents on October 26 to $4.5 on October 31.

On November 1st, 2021, this token’s value increased to $2,856.65 from $628.33 and then abruptly dropped to $0.0007. Due to this, a lot of people lost lakhs of rupees, and many were got horrified with these kind of events. Because of this, Squid Crypto Company is known as an organization of fraudsters who vanished after stealing everyone’s money.

Websites like CoinMarketCap, Binance.com and others can be used to determine the Squid Crypto Price. The individual must do complete research and analysis before engaging into the cryptocurrency.

Co-Founder of Squid Game Cryptocurrency

At first, people believed that Netflix had approved this coin, but there is nothing like that. The creator and owner of Squid Game Crypto are unknown for the people. This group stole money from people and then vanished. According to Binance crypto Exchange platform, an investigation into the people who created this currency is also ongoing.

Squid Game Vs Squid Game Cryptocurrency

The Squid Game web series has been act as catalyst for the Squid crypto. Let’s explore the differences in Squid Game and Squid Game Cryptocurrency:

Squid Web Series:

(a) It is a web series called Squid Game.
(b) This webseries was launched on Netflix on September 17, 2021.
(c) This is a South Korean drama that has been released in 90 different nations.

(d) The squid game that kids in Korea play serves as the inspiration for the plot of this web series.
(e) The actor or actress who plays the character in this drama must participate in the six-game squid game.

Squid Game Cryptocurrency (SGT):

(a) Squid Game Crypto is also based on the Squid Game, a game from South Korea.
(b) Each investor must purchase Squid tokens and participate in the Squid game online.

(c) It is a cryptocurrency that may be used for transactions by anybody in the world and is accessible via the blockchain.
(d) On October 20, 2021, the Squid Game coin went live on the Binance Smart Chain Exchange.

(e) Based on the gaming web series, the cryptocurrency Squid goes by the moniker of Squid. Squid Game Token, or SGT, is another name for it.

Where to Buy Squid Game Crypto | Future of Squid Crypto

After the Squid scam, Binance Exchange removed Squid from its blockchain. However, squid game cryptocurrency is resurfacing today in a brand-new format as a decentralized currency. This token is now accessible on gate.io and pancakeswap (V2).

Anyone can invest in it because it is a decentralized cryptocurrency at this time. By playing some games with this token, you can earn NFT and ETH as prizes. The white paper on this currency states that there are numerous regulations regarding the sale and exchange of this currency.

However, the information provided above is not advice. Investors must take a complete overview of this cryptocurrency before investing on. The crypto market is extremely volatile and no one exactly knows what will happen in the next moment. Therefore, you must do yourself research and analysis before you come to junction to invest on it.

Questions Mostly Asked About Squid Crypto

Q. What is Squid Game crypto?

Ans- The squid game crypto was advertised as a token that could be used in a new online game that was based on the Netflix series. Basically the Squid game webseries talks about a group of people who are made to play dangerous children’s games in exchange for money.

Q. Is Squid Game Crypto Real?

The bunch of perpetrators had conned several investors without any suspicion. They had fraud $3.38 million in its just one week of existence. It was a huge cryptocurrency scam. It was a year ago incident, but now again Squid game crypto has been introduced in the market with a lot of regulations and protocols.

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