Starbucks Barista Loses Job for Using Company Oven to Heat His Own Food [2023]

An employee at Starbucks was fired for violating company policy by using the oven to heat up his personal food. The former employee made a video of himself cooking steak and posted it on social media with a note saying “Goodbye Starbucks, that steak was fire.” Starbucks prohibits its employees from using the ovens to warm up their own food, as stated in the company’s policy and safety procedures. However, not all employees are disciplined for their actions. Some go above and beyond their daily duties to provide excellent customer service, like a Starbucks barista in Texas who made a teenage customer feel safe.

The girl was alone when a man approached her, but the employee quickly intervened by offering her a free hot chocolate and writing a message on it that said, “an extra hot chocolate someone forgot to pick up. How grateful I am for people who look out for other people.” The girl felt safe with the employee and the rest of the team watching over her during her stay at Starbucks. The incident was shared on social media by the girl’s mother, who expressed her gratitude for the barista’s kindness.

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