UFC 287: Christian Rodriguez Brutally Beats 18-Year-Old Raul Rosas Jr

At UFC 287, the youngest fighter on the roster, 18-year old Raul Rosas Jr. fought against Christian Rodriguez who is only 25. Rosas Jr. was confident about becoming the youngest UFC champion. In the beginning, Rosas Jr. tried to take down Rodriguez, but he defended himself well. They both fought in a clinch position, but Rosas Jr. kept trying to take Rodriguez to the ground. Finally, he managed to do so and landed in a side control position. Rodriguez reversed the situation and stood up. Rosas Jr. kept up the pressure and tried to get Rodriguez to the ground again. He then jumped on Rodriguez’s back and attempted to put him in a chokehold. However, Rodriguez was able to defend himself well and survived the round. Overall, it was a great round for the 18-year old fighter.

In the second round of the UFC 287 fight between Rosas Jr. and Rodriguez, Rosas Jr. immediately went for a takedown but Rodriguez ended up on top. After some clinching, Rodriguez took control and landed punches on Rosas Jr.’s body. In the final round, Rodriguez landed some significant hits on Rosas Jr. who looked exhausted and failed to take the fight to the ground. Despite Rosas Jr.’s attempts to dive for Rodriguez’s legs, Rodriguez was able to easily defend himself and maintain control throughout the fight. In the end, the judges scored the fight in favor of Rodriguez with a unanimous decision and a score of 29-28 on all three scorecards. Rodriguez put a beating on Rosas Jr. in the last two rounds and let him up in the final seconds of the fight to try to finish him off. The fight was heavily one-sided in Rodriguez’s favor, despite Rosas Jr.’s strong start in the first round.

FAQ on Rodriguez Beats Raul Rosas Jr

Q: Who won the fight between Christian Rodriguez and Raul Rosas Jr. at UFC 287?
A: Christian Rodriguez won the fight by unanimous decision, with all three judges scoring the fight 29-28 in his favor.

Q: What was the age difference between the two fighters?
A: Raul Rosas Jr. was 18 years old, while Christian Rodriguez was 25 years old.

Q: Did Rosas Jr. have an undefeated record going into the fight?
A: Yes, Rosas Jr. had an undefeated record before the fight, and he put it on the line against Rodriguez.

Q: Was it a close fight?
A: The fight was close in the first round, with Rosas Jr. dominating, but Rodriguez took control in the second and third rounds and put a beating on Rosas Jr.

Q: Did Rodriguez win the fight by knockout or submission?
A: Rodriguez won the fight by unanimous decision, with no knockout or submission.

Q: Were there any controversial moments in the fight?
A: There were no major controversial moments in the fight.

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