10,000 Bitcoin Was Just Transferred Between 2 Wallets

Created By Fintech Team

It promptly catches the attention of analysts and experts when 10,000 Bitcoin was transferred 

The individuals holding such massive number of Bitcoin can significantly impact price of the particular crypto 

There are generally referred as whales having millions of worth of Bitcoin or other particular cryptos  

It was reported that $208,166,808 worth of Bitcoin transferred between 2 anonymous crypto wallets in just a single transaction. 

The bitcoin wallet address of anonymous person is identified as: 3CevQ5hifvxmbeA3UvZzSg1iGArQoSNHmw

The market impact from the whale's decision to sell this Bitcoin position might be sufficient to lower the price of BTC.

On any one exchange, it takes between $15 and $30 million in sell pressure to drive the price of bitcoin down by 2%.

Bitcoin is down -2% in the past 24 hours.