A Blow for Crypto: Hacker Steals Nearly $600 Million 

Created By Jyotish

The crypto ecosystem has already been blown by the slumped in prices.

The two biggest crypto including BItcoin and Ethereum has lost huge price since its peak value. 

Bitcoin is currently at $19,637, lost almost 72% from the highest price of $69,044.77.

Ether, the native coin of ethereum has lost 73% from its all-time high 

Apart from this blow, the crypto has now seen a spectacular hack from the largest platform Binance. 

The Binance Coin hack casts a broad shadow on the crypto industry 

According to security companies BlockSec, around 2 million tokens of Binance Coin has been hacked 

Calculated with current value of BNB ($293) gives a figure of 586 million in USD