Allegation on Binance to Use Users Uniswap Tokens for Voting

Created By Fintech Team

Accusations that cryptocurrency exchange Binance had improperly used user token holdings to cast votes for the decentralized autonomous organization Uniswap were refuted (DAO).

Uniswap developer Hayden Adams said on Wednesday that Binance delegated over 13 million UNI to do this activity. 

The Uniswap source is maintained by a small team of core developer

But important protocol decisions are made by the Uniswap DAO, which gives users voting rights based on how many UNI tokens they own.

According to reports, Binance presently has 5.9% of the voting power on Uniswap, placing it 2nd position  

While the largest venture capital firm, a16z, which holds 6.7% has been placed at the first position