Alleged Bribery Scheme Could Be the Downfall for Trump

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He seems to be involved in one scandal after another, each of which makes his 2024 campaign more difficult than the one before it.

The most recent incident involves an alleged bribery plan by a real estate developer to influence Trump to pardon two prisoners.

The real estate developer Ingram's wrongdoing is revealed through the scheme of bribery.

Dwight and Steve Hammond received pardons from Mike Ingram after they lit fires and killed deer on public property.

He is said to have given $10,000 to America First Action, Inc. in exchange for the two men's pardons.

In 2015, the two were given a five-year prison term, with credit for time already served.

Ingram met with a representative from the Trump Interior Department, and Trump personally released the Hammonds.

In their own statement, the two Democrats laid out their evidence and made the case against Ingram and Trump.