Are you Allowed to Burst Firecrackers- Check rules, Restrictions Here 

Created By Fintech Team

Diwali is finally here, wherein bursting firecrackers is one of the ways of Diwali 

However, due to environmental concerns, bursting firecrackers has been discouraged by state government in the last few years 

Check Here some rules and restrictions applied in your state on the usage of firecracker

In Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s CM has banned any kind of fireworks from Diwali to New Year. Even if some caught, they could be jailed for 6 months 

Punjab: Only green crackers were allowed to be burst on Diwali, More so, for only two hours from 8 pm to 10 pm.

Haryana: All firecrackers have been banned in Haryana except Green Crackers 

Uttar Pradesh: There is no strict restriction, however no harmful crackers are allowed. More so, firecrackers shop should be away from residential and populated areas 

West Bengal: The WB CM has ordered to explode firecrackers only on 24thof October, but only green crackers (Must have QR code attached)