Bitcoin Mining is Terribly Hazardous for the Environment

Created By Jyotish

Scientists at the University of New Mexico Warn, Bitcoin Mining is so terrible & environmentally unsustainable 

The mining of Bitcoin is using enormous amounts of electricity, produced mostly from fossil fuels. 

Bitcoin Mining is so terrible to the climate than a single BTC is actually worth.

With research, experts come to the conclusion that CO2-like emissions are extensively high 

As per report, emissions from Bitcoin mining have increased 126 times from 0.9 tonnes per coin in 2016 to 113 tonnes per coin in 2021 

Moreover, each coin mined in 2021 caused $11,314 (£10,434) of climate damage

Climate damages for Bitcoin averaged 35 percent of its market value between 2016 and 2021

The study suggests that Bitcoin mining must be regulated to increase its sustainability.