Crypto Game Axie's AXS Tokens Get Unlocked, Recipients Send $5.7M

Created By Fintech Team

Axie Infinity, the play-to-earn crypto game started releasing previously restricted AXS tokens as part of a massive $200 million unlocking event 

Axie Infinity released the first batch of 10 million previously restricted tokens to early investors and insiders.

Crypto traders have been monitoring the timing of the token vesting period

Once the vesting period expires – and the tokens become unlocked – all's fair game.

Blockchain data shows that a wallet tagged as “Axie Infinity: Token Vesting” transferred some 785,334 AXS tokens ($6.6 million worth) to six recipients.

Some 21.5 million AXS (worth $200 million) are about to be released in the upcoming day.

Crypto asset management firm Arca already deposited freshly-claimed AXS tokens to the FTX exchange 

Another early investor claimed $1.7 million in AXS (187,500 tokens) will soon moved the tokens to crypto exchange Binance.