Crypto Market Down Today- Here Why?

Created By Jyotish

Federal Reserve Interest Rate Hike

Fed began indicating that it will ultimately raise interest rates, 

And research indicates that the price of Bitcoin would significantly decrease by December 2021.

The ongoing risk of regulation

The relationship between the cryptocurrency sector and regulators has a long history of conflict, 

Either as a result of a variety of misunderstandings or scepticism over the real use case for digital asset

Cryptocurrency values are still affected virtually monthly by the prospect of unfavourable restrictions 

Scams, Ponzi schemes, and extreme market volatility have all contributed significantly to the collapse of cryptocurrency values in 2022.

The drops in asset values in the cryptocurrency market are also attributed to 

The collapse of Terra's LUNA and Celsius Network, as well as Three Arrows Capital's (3AC) misuse of leverage and client money