CryptoPunk #6385 Sold For 90 ETH

Created By Fintech Team

CryptoPunk is a non-fungible token collection based on the Ethereum Blockchain. 

Basically, they are a generative art collection, & one of the first ever applications of NFTs for digital art.

At the time of writing, maximum 10,000 cryptopunks are in existence

CryptoPunk #6385 just sold for 89.90 ETH (CRYPTO: ETH) ($116,906 USD)

Different cryptopunks have different value depending on the attributes they possess.

There are several attributes that determine the value of crypto, including hoodie, beanie, and pilot helmet, etc. 

Other species of Punks (Zombies, Apes and Aliens) are incredibly rare and also sell for a premium. 

In 2021, CryptoPunks gained a lot of recognition thanks to the several celebrities who boldly displayed their ownership of the subculture on Twitter.