Elon Musk Declares War on a Silicon Valley Giant

Created By Fintech Team

The new boss of Twitter, Elon musk working to find new sources of income to revive the platform

The tech tycoon has even slashed the employee number to half, at least 3,700, in a day 

Elon Musk rolled out a new account authentication badge and new subscription charge ($7.99 per month) 

Musk on a path to retain current advertisers and take market share from big platform like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok,

Basically, the serial entrepreneur wants to steal creators from competitor platform

In order to do so, the serial entrepreneur is contemplating to revamp twitter   

Musk promise to offer revenue as YouTube is continuously doing so and even provding larger percentage of share to the creators 

Eeven providing larger percentage of share to the creators 

Essentially, Musk trying to convince influencers/creators that he Will Pay Creators Better Than Youtube