Elon Musk details his plan to turn Twitter into a bank

Created By Fintech Team

Elon Musk looking to transform Twitter, also into payment platform 

His objective is to make it possible for Twitter users to instantaneously and in-real-time send money to anyone in the world. 

Everyone who has verified their account on Twitter is given a balance that they can use to send money "anywhere in the system." 

The "complicated and expensive" system will get obsolete after finalizing it. 

for Instance, credit cards, savings and checking accounts, CDs, and similar products will be made obsolete.

You will have "one balance on Twitter that can simply go positive or negative," according to Musk.

Get debit card linked to your balance for use at merchants that don't take Twitter payments as well as conventional checks. 

The business is attempting to obtain a Washington money transmitter license.