EMPIRES SMP 2022- What You NEED to Know

Created By Fintech Team

Empires SMP, created on 12th June, 2021 by fWhip is a private vanilla Minecraft survival Multiplayer server.  

The players in the Empires Survival Multiplayer are primarily YouTubers who rule their respective empires,   

The empires in Minecraft SMP server are separate nations and players have control over them

The Youtubers in the SMP can trade, fight, and collaborate with each other's.   

Over time, various trade deals, wars and peace treaties between the nations may take place. 

Season 1 was started from June 12, 2021 and end to January 29, 2022  

It was set in the Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update, and it ran for 231 days (7 months and 17 days).  

Season 2 (also called Empires SMP 2) is an ongoing season that started on June 25, 2022, but announced on Jan 29, 2022.  

It was set in the Minecraft 1.19 Wild update