Inside US vice president, Kamala Harris’ Diwali celebration

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Craze and excitement for Diwali is not only in India, but also around the world 

Apart from being celebrated in India, the Indian diaspora across the world do also celebrate the Diwali. 

In the US — which has a large desi population — the festival is quite popular.

Surprisingly, the government of New York announces that on Diwali, it would become a public school holiday starting 2023 

Indians living in the USA, including actor Priyanka Chopra hail this decision  

Kamala Harris, a part-Indian and a part-Jamaican taken her Instagram handle and share some deepawali celebration photos  

In her instagram glimpses of celebration, people also noticed her husband, second gentleman Douglas Emhoff is celebrating diwali.

In Harris Diwali celebration, she invited number of guests to her house  

In a video, she was explaining concept of festival “it is about culture, it is about an age-old concept that transcends cultures and communities.