Malwarebytes Mistakenly Blocks Google, YouTube for Malware

Created By Jyotish

Numerous accounts from those who were impacted indicate that once Malwarebytes reported and blacklisted Google sites as dangerous

According to the reports, their browser was unable to access them because of the issue.  

They were bombarded with malware alerts linking several webpages on malware-tagged subdomains.

An impacted users pointed that he couldn't access any Google websites and even getting constant malware alerts from Google website

Saying further, he stated that "I turned off real time web protection and now it works fine. 

Also the devices he has which don’t have malwarebytes (Android phone, other windows devices) wasn't affected."

For customers who were affected, Malwarebytes also offered a solution that required them to launch Malwarebytes and 

Also turn off the Web Protection option on the Real Time Protection card in order 

However, the maker of anti-malware software stated that they had fixed the problem and soon get removed the issue