MasterCard Takes a Significant Crypto Initiative

Created By Fintech Team

The crypto Winter months has beaten up severely to crypto price and of course to the investors. 

Until now, the cryptocurrencies have lost almost $2 trillion in value

It down the confidence of several crypto enthusiasts over the digital currencies. 

However, the MasterCard has come up with significant move that will act as bridge between Banks and Crypto investors. 

It will make things smoother between trusted institutions & crypto investors, ensuring cybersecurity, compliance, anti money laundering, etc. 

MasterCard big crypto move is embark a partnership with crypto trading platform Paxos Trust. 

It’s a Good News as it supports Broader Crypto Adoption and allow more and more users to get exposure to crypto

65% of respondents said they would prefer that their existing reliable financial institution provide services connected to cryptocurrencies.

Analysts and Experts support this Crypto Source Program of Mastercard