Multiple people killed in Walmart shooting

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According to Virginia Police, "a shooting occurred in a Virginia Walmart on Tuesday night, leaving multiple persons dead and dozens injured.

Around 10:15 p.m., police responded in regard to a report, and when they arrived, they discovered evidence of a shooting.

To go inside and give the injured people lifesaving care, officers combine rescue and tactical squads 

Police said there was a single shooter who has since been killed during a briefing.

The shooter was thought to have shot himself in the head and died as a result.

The officer added that he did not have a death toll but that it was "less than 10, at this time."

After three days of similar awful event, this shooting in Virginia happened.

Before three days, a gunman in Colorado opened fire at a gay bar, leaving five people dead and 17 injured.

The shooting on Tuesday also brought to mind another incident that occurred at a Walmart in 2019.

Then, a shooter in El Paso who was targeting Mexicans opened fire at a business, leaving 22 people dead.