NASA Delays Artemis I launch as Storm Approaches

Created By Jyotish

This is the third time NASA is going to cancel launch of heavy-lift Space Launch System moon rocket

NASA had already postponed the launch twice due to technical issues with the rocket’s fueling system

On Sunday, the launch team will determine whether to carry out a rollback.

The rocket's hours-long trip from the launch pad would start late Sunday or early Monday if there is a rollback 

NASA may potentially attempt another launch in about a week if the SLS can withstand the storm on the launch pad.

However, if a rollback would take, then the launch of the SLS would take several weeks 

The SLS is required to send an unmanned Orion spacecraft to complete the mission.

Sensors attached to them will record information regarding radiation exposure, temperature, and other environmental variables.

Additionally, an experimental Alexa-style voice assistant will be carried by Orion.

If Artemis 1 is successful, it will pave the way for Artemis 2, a crewed round-the-moon mission in 2024