Orbeon Presale Attracts Ethereum and Solana whales

Created By Fintech Team

Whales are the participants in the crypto market who can significantly cause rise and fall of price 

They have enough buying and selling power to affect the market of particular crypto  

Whales are swimming away from Ethereum and Solana and going in the direction of the Orbeon (ORBN) presale

It is expected that it could skyrocket the price of Orbeaon of atleast 6000% gains.

The participants is moving away because the price of ethereum is falling more and more

The price of ethereum is hovering around the $1563.44, which is significantly low from all time high, $4000.

The number of people using Solana decentralized apps is going down because Solan is slowly deflating. 

A market newcomer and decentralized investment platform called Orbeon Protocol is upending the venture capital sector 

And also gives investors the option to back some of the most exciting new start-up businesses.