Shiba Inu Becomes the Highest Traded Cryptocurrency in India

Created By Jyotish

With 1.4 billion of population, India has the highest cryptos investors around the world 

It is estimated that 100 million of Indian people are investing in cryptos. 

cryptos come as a gratifying option to quench their long desire to become rich

Though several cryptos are available in the market, Indian investors are majorly hooked on SHIB token

Data from Nomics show Indian investors have traded approximately $120 million worth of SHIB in 2022 alone.

WazirX shows, the platform gets more than 10% of all its transactions to Shiba Inu

Not only WazirX, but Zebpay has also showed  9% of its transactions to SHIB alone. 

CoinDCX, India’s biggest crypto exchange platform has also recorded more than 5% of all its transactions to SHIB  

Shibu INU holds to be the highest-traded crypto on many exchange platforms in India