3 Cryptocurrencies With Real-World Use Cases

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Do Kwon, Nicholas Platias and LFG are facing a fresh $57 million class action in Singapore.

The lawsuit is filed by 359 Terra investors in Singapore’s high court on September 23 

The aggrieved claimants state that Kwon, Platias, and the LFG have offered fraudulent claims 

The so-called stablecoin ecosystem claimed by the members of Terra is no way fulfilling any claims. 

It was believed that [TerraUSD] would be a token whose price would always be pegged to the US Dollar

But, everything had followed anti-parallel to the claims of the founder

However, the claimants have asked for roughly $57 million compensation 

Do Kwon become the target of several legal actions and threats since TerraUST has been crashed.

Issued an arrest warrant, Interpol added him to its Red Notice list, prosecutors were “in the process of freezing” tokens, etc.