Tesla Lowering Its Car Prices By Half?

Created By Fintech Team

Tesla is known for producing electric car vehicles around the world. 

Currently, Tesla's engineering team is producing electric car vehicle, Model 3/Y platform though huge price

It may seem like old news, but Elon Musk has announced that his engineering team is now going to make affordable EVs car 

This new electric cars will be smaller than the Tesla vehicles currently on the road

Over a year ago, he mentioned at a venue to make of $25,000, fully autonomous cars by 2023.

But, in January 2022, Elon Musk reversed his decision saying that his plate has been filled with others, 

From then he was working to increase Model Y production and develop the Optimus robot, which possibly resisted his focus on the affordable Tesla model-at least.

But, recently Musk announces to shift the company’s focus on developing affordable EVs vehicles. 

Planning to create the new cars for half as much as the $47,000+ Model 3 now being produced in terms of materials, labor, and manufacturing space 

The effective step taken for this is moving production of the new cheaper cars to China.