Victim Almost lost 1 million dollars due to  Crypto Scam of Pig Butchering

Created By Jyotish

You may be familiar with many sorts of cryptocurrency fraud, including pump and dump schemes and investment fraud.

These terrifying frauds empty the victim's bank account completely.

However, a new fraud has emerged and you need to be aware of it.

You will undoubtedly need to keep away from pig butchering scams at all costs. 

Romance, fraud, and financial scams are all mixed up in the pig butchering Scam 

It is a well-planned deception game that preys on lonely individuals and drains them dry 

Crypto-Butchering Scams are Increasing day by day

in order to avoid falling for this scam, You need to do (a) avoid responding to any unexpected texts or messages, 

(b) use caution while using social media or dating apps, and (c) stay away from investment options that seem too good to be true 

An instance of a person losing $1 million as a result of a cryptocurrency scam involving pig butchering scam

However, the whole amount of $1.17 million was recovered and returned through ReportScammedBitcoin.