Several Stories Behind Chhat Puja- Holy Festival for Biharis

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People ask about what is the significance of Chhat Puja 

Everyone knows that there is some story behind Diwali- Ram’s Return and entering the house on Diwali. 

So, you must be curious to know the story behind celebrating Chhat Puja 

Chhat Puja is related to Sun and to goddess Sasthi who protects mother

Or It is about six Krittika stars who raised Kartikeya,

This is a festival performed by Sri Rama and Sita after the return from 14 years of exile

Also Draupadi and the Pandavas celebrate this festival, in order to restore their fortune after they lost in the gambling match.

Chhat Puja is primarily performed by housewives, the matriarch of the household. 

The women in Bihar and Nepal do fasting for many days and waiting for the sun to arise

So that, they can offer all kinds of fruits, vegetables and flowers to the Dawning sun 

The rituals performed during Chhat Puja signify that this has something to do with fertility & growth and prosperity of household.